Audio, Visual, Light Rental

Audio & Video Package 1


Our Audio & Video Packages are designed to provide you with quality Sound and Video for your Wedding, Corporate event, DJ Gig, House of Worship, Small to Medium Live Show, Etc.


Audio & Video Package 1 includes:

2x 10 inch, 2-way Speakers, 680 watt

1x 7 or 10 channel powered mixer with Bluetooth/XLR/Aux. Input

2x Adjustable speaker stands

1x Shure SM58 wired microphone with 10ft cable

1x Table top microphone stand

1x 3300 lumen WXGA projector. HDMI / VGA

1x Choice of a 70 inch indoor pull up projector screen, or 100 inch indoor/outdoor folding frame  screen.

1x A/V Rolling Cart (if needed)

Rental price is $265.00 per day.

Add a EAW RS115, 15 inch, 1500 watt powered subwoofer (+$60.00)


Add a Shure wireless handheld and lavalier microphone package (+$40.00)

(This is a by-the-day rental package only, not an equipment purchase)

For current rental availability, please call 403-380-2847 or email us at iasity@hotmail.com

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