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Sound System Package 1



Our Sound System Packages are designed to provide you with quality sound for your Wedding, Corporate event, DJ Gig, House of Worship, Small to Medium Live Show, Etc.

Sound System Package 1 includes:

2x 10 inch, 2-way Speakers, 680 watts

1x  7 or 10 channel powered mixer with Bluetooth/XLR/Aux. Input

2x Adjustable speaker stands

1x Shure SM58 wired microphone with 10ft cable

1x Table top microphone stand

Rental price is $95.00 per day.

Add a EAW RS115, 15 inch, 1500 watt powered subwoofer (+$60.00)

Add a Shure wireless handheld and lavalier microphone package (+$40.00)

(This is a by-the-day rental package only, not an equipment purchase) 

For current rental availability, please call 403-380-2847 or email us at iasity@hotmail.com

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