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Live larger with this 9 touchscreen receiver - Your 2011-up Jeep Wrangler or Wrangler Unlimited owns the trails but its not afraid to strut its stuff when out for a night on the town. Alpine designed the X109-WRA navigation receiver specifically for your Wrangler no matter the trim level. This Alpine Restyle receiver features a massive 9 diagonal display that offers 41% more viewing area than a 7 screen. Even though its sure to catch the attention of your passengers this receivers a highly practical piece of hardware that combines reliable guidance connectivity options sonic enhancements and a custom dash kit that fits your vehicle perfectly for a factory feel.

How does it fit? - The included Alpine Restyle package accommodates the X109-WRA in pretty much every 2011-up Jeep Wrangler and Wrangler Unlimited model from the Sport up through the Rubicon Hard Rock. This package contains a dash kit which replaces a section of your dash housing the receiver along with wiring adapters that plug directly into the factory electronics and wiring. Alpine even gives you an iDatalink module that allows you to keep your steering wheel audio controls and the Jeep Uconnect® features youve grown fond of. Once youve identified your vehicle well tell you if this Jeep kit fits it.

Factory functionality with an integrated look - The dash kit doesnt replicate your Jeeps dash but it does offer the same features. The dash kit also offers custom keys that match lighting color shape and style of your Jeep keys and it lets you keep your climate controls so you can keep track of the temperature inside and outside your vehicle. Big buttons along the sides of the 9 display offer simple access to commonly used functions plus you can see whats behind you without putting your vehicle into reverse if youve got a compatible rear-view camera. Youll also retain your Jeeps 12-volt ports.

Dependable directions - Youll see your maps easily on the 9 display and youll enjoy access to seven million points of interest and detailed road maps all across the entire U.S. and Canada. Youll also have time-saving aids like lane guidance realistic views of complicated interchanges and 3D representations of buildings landmarks and terrain to help keep you on the right path. Youll also receive real-time traffic reports in most metropolitan areas for as long as you own the stereo at no additional cost.

Built-in Bluetooth® - Built-in Bluetooth allows you to use the X109-WRA for hands-free calling and music streaming through your compatible phone. The large touchscreen buttons for dialing and volume allow for convenient operation. Alpine includes an external microphone to maximize the fidelity of your conversations.

Quick access to cool features - The receivers Favorites button gives you quick access to features you use frequently like specific radio stations phone numbers destination searches sound settings...anything youll want to pull up instantly. One touch adds your choice directly to the favorites menu. Your favorites are tied to your phones Bluetooth profile so the X109-WRA brings up your favorites automatically when you get into your vehicle. You can have up to two user profiles tied to the stereo with up to 80 favorites per user spread across 10 touchscreen pages. When the stereo detects two users at the same time it can offer split-screen access to both users favorites so either user can gain control of the action in a jiffy.

A versatile display... - Not only does the X109-WRA offer easy touchscreen access you can use the kits side buttons to quickly pull up functions like favorites navigation phone access and sound settings without going through menu screens. You can create a custom top source banner that shows the audio sources you use most frequently so you dont have to scroll anywhere to choose between a disc player radio station or MP3 player. The X109-WRA also offers split-screen sound tuning so you can adjust the sonic controls and change the tracks at the same time for adjustments that dont waste time.

...with fingertip control - The 9 display features capacitive touchscreen control similar to your smartphone or tablet. You can pinch-to-zoom the receivers maps for a better view or enlarge or shrink album artwork as you please with your fingers. It employs 4-way movement on the screen so youre always one swipe away from your favorite functions. Swipe left for navigation right for A/V commands up for audio or rear-seat entertainment options and down for Bluetooth and source selection.

HD Radio - HD Radio™ Pandora® Internet radio and more.

The X109-WRA comes ready to play with a multitude of entertainment options.

HD Radio reception: Youll enjoy crystal-clear sound quality from participating AM and FM stations including FM that sounds almost as good as a CD. Plus youll see station and song info on the screen.

Pandora® Internet radio (only in USA): Pandora lovers will love touchscreen control over their stations including thumbs up and down bookmarks and station lists. Just plug your iPhone® into the USB port or use the Bluetooth connection with your Android™ device.

iPhone and iPod® control: Browsing for your favorite songs is simple and concise thanks to an intuitive touchscreen interface and the huge display. You can check out song title artist info and album art with a quick glance at the big screen.

Satellite radio compatibility: You can add SiriusXM programming to the receiver with an optional tuner and your paid subscription.

HDMI input - The X109-WRA also features an MHL-compatible HDMI input allowing you to connect most compatible Android smartphones and devices. With the correct HDMI cable connected youll be able to view video content from your phone or a portable Blu-ray Disc™ player on the Alpines screen while parked. You also keep your front auxiliary input through the dash kit and get a rear USB port plus a rear A/V input and output.

Connect up to three cameras - You can also connect up to three cameras with the optional Multi-Camera Selector Interface so you can see more of whats around your vehicle when getting in and out of tight spots. Dual-zone output means your rear-seat passengers can enjoy movies on your optional video monitors while you enjoy some music up front.

Play with your Jeeps coolest features - If youve tricked out your Jeep with add-ons Alpines got you covered. The optional Truck Accessory Controller enables simple system expansion allowing touchscreen command of up to eight electrical devices like winches LED lights interior lights suspension kits tire inflators and differential locks. You can customize the onscreen icons and button labels so youll be able to access your devices with ease.

Preset EQ settings for your Jeep - Alpines audio engineers have loaded special Sound Parameters Settings into this receiver for all the vehicles covered by Restyle packages. You pick the one that matches your Jeep to get sound thats custom-EQd and time-corrected for your vehicles acoustics. Tailored sound no tweaking required.

Enhanced sonic controls - You can use your phones touchscreen to make the changes to the 9-band parametric equalizer crossover and time correction with just a fingertip. You can then share your system and settings with other TuneIt app users and see what theyve done as well. You can link your TuneIt account to your Facebook account and get notifications through social media.

Siri® Eyes Free for non-distracting operation - Got an iPhone with Siri? This receiver supports Siri Eyes Free which means you can ask Siri to make calls select and play music compose and hear text messages read notifications even use maps and get directions — all commanded by your voice through your Alpine receiver without any visual distractions from your Apple® device.

The included iDatalink Maestro lets you keep your cars factory extras - You dont have to worry about losing your favorite conveniences to get navigation and better sound — the X109-WRA offers compatibility you wont find in many other aftermarket radios thanks to the iDatalink Maestro module. Youll keep your steering wheel audio controls your factory amp safety warning chimes and Uconnect® if present. The iDatalink adapter also lets you tap into your vehicles diagnostic port so you can check out expanded functionality including gauges climate controls a distance sensor and tire pressure monitor on the Alpines screen.

DVD/CD player with 9 touchscreen and AM/FM tuner.

custom-fit receiver designed for select 2011-up Jeep Wrangler and Wrangler Unlimited models.

includes Alpine Restyle package with all installation parts.

includes iDatalink Maestro ADS-MRR module to retain factory features including steering wheel controls and Uconnect.

built-in amplifier (18 watts RMS CEA-2006/50 peak x 4 channels) .

built-in Bluetooth for hands-free calling and audio streaming.

built-in HD Radio tuner.

built-in iPod and iPhone control (see Details for info on compatibility with specific smartphones and apps)Siri Eyes Free control with select iPhones.

Pandora control with iPhone.

built-in Android control.

MHL-compatible HDMI cable required for viewing video content from compatible Android devices.

built-in navigation system with 3D representations of buildings landmarks and terrain.

maps of the United States and Canada plus 7 million points of interest.

free lifetime TMC traffic service in metropolitan areas.

text-to-speech voice prompts announce actual road names at turns.

lane assistance and junction view.

plays CDs DVDs and USB memory devices (see Details for full capabilities) .

compatible with Alpine TuneIt App Ver 2.0 for sonic profile settings and adjustments through your smartphone.

9-band parametric EQ.

time correction.

high- and low-pass crossovers.

compatible with Alpines PXA-H800 IMPRINT audio processor.

dual-zone A/V output.

compatible with SiriusXM satellite radio tuner.

compatible with optional Truck Accessory Controller and Multi-Camera Selector Interface.

inputs: MHL-compatible HDMI input rear USB input rear A/V input (can be used as a second camera input) rear-view camera input.

outputs: digital optical output; rear A/V output; 6-channel preamp outputs (4-volt front rear subwoofer) .

Satellite Radio antenna adapter.

7 miniUSB-to-USB cable.

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