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Memphis 15-SA10D4, 10 inch Shallow Subwoofer


Memphis 15-SA10D4, 10 inch Shallow Subwoofer

Butyl rubber surround

Single of dual 4Ω voice coils

Minimum enclosure volume of 0.50 cubic feet

Required mounting depth of less than 4"

Size (in) 10

Impedance (Ohms) 2

DCR Per Coil (Ohms) 1.75

Resonant Frequency (Hz) 45.4

Mechanical Q (Qms) 6.11

Electrical Q (Qes) 0.95

Total Q (Qts) 0.82

Linear Xmax (in) 0.27

Linear Xmech (in) 0.55

Sensitivity @ 1W/1M (db) 83.87

Vas (Cf.) 0.54

Moving Mass (Grams) 116.54

Motor Strength (T/M) 7.8

Voice Coil Diameter (in) 2

Recommended RMS Power (Watts) 250

Maximum Peak Power (Watts) 500

Magnet Weight (oz) 37

Cut-Out Diameter (in) 9.125

Frame Diameter (in) 10.5

Mounting Depth (in) 3.35

Driver Displacement (Cf.) 0.09

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